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Why is consistent blogging so haaaard? If there's going to be a blog page on this website, it should be updated more than once every two years... right? {insert eye roll emoji here} 


It's tough producing weddings, getting the photos, picking the top from the hundreds in the gallery, writing copy and feeling like it's something worth putting into the interwebs, but guess what?! I just put a monthly reminder into my Google Calendar to update this shit every second Wednesday of the month from now until eternity.. forever and ever and ever, AMEN! It's gonna happen y'all. Maybe. {insert crossing fingers emoji here}


So I'm supposed to insert photos or something here right? Pretty pictures for the two people who are actually going to click on this? HIIIII, two people!!!! Thanks for clicking!! Here's some pretty pics of a new wedding gallery I'm gonna post... someday. {insert pensively scratching chin emoji here}

Anna Delores Photography_Cat & Monte 08.05.17-134.jpg
Anna Delores Photography_Cat & Monte 08.05.17-627.jpg
Anna Delores Photography_Cat & Monte 08.05.17-697.jpg
Anna Delores Photography_Cat & Monte 08.05.17-683.jpg
Anna Delores Photography_Cat & Monte 08.05.17-740.jpg

|  Photography: Anna Delores (Rhianna is the!!)  |  Planner: The always fabulous Wedding Kate  |  Venue: Villa Verano  |  Linens: La Tavola |  Catering: Omni Catering  |  Music: Chis Fossek  |