what the what

Went the the Pantages Theatre in LA last weekend ( that theatre is drop dead gorgeous by the way ) with 16 members of my ever so lovely family to the The Book of Mormon. A highly obscene, offensive, crude, blasphemous, fucking funny play by the brilliant Trey Parker and Matt Stone. It feels like watching a live action episode of South Park. So stylistically them and their humor and their art. It was incredibly fun, and even more fun that I got to see it with my 83 year old devout catholic grandmother. I wonder if she got any of it?? I was expecting her to be highly offended and after the show I asked my twenty something cousin who was sitting next to her how she handled it, and he replied she was chin the chest passed out pretty much the entire time. Geeeez Grandma, way to support the arts. Hope you had a nice nap. 


Beach walking in the fog yesterday was peaceful in a gloomy- isolated- cozy kind of way. Perfect for the contradictory place I seem to be in lately. Maybe it's Mercury in retrograde...but I've been a tospy turvy extra sensitive emotional blubbery mess lately or a total insane c- u- next tuesday. 

Got to spend February 14th celebrating Saint Valentine with my crazy ass family in Big Sur. We bring crazy ass to a whole new level, but man I wouldn't trade them for the world. We are perfectly imperfect bunch of dysfunctional functioning nut jobs. The four hour drive from Santa Barbara to Big Sur was a happy adventure in itself. Stopping for gas in Cambria I ran down the street to my favorite shop within a shop Grow Nursery, to buy a chunk of blue tumbled recycled glass to add to my collection. We proceeded to lose mother Margaret for 30 minutes. She wandered away from the Chevron station and got caught browsing in "some dirty hippy shop", as Dad called it. We eventually made it to our rad cabin at Big Sur Lodge after an awe inspiring drive up the coast, complete with wild zebra and sea elephant sightings. So coo'

The rest of the trip was just as memorable. Hiking in Pfeiffer State park to the waterfall and Valley View lookout, beach walking to Pfeiffer Beach to see the sea arch. Purple sand! Have you ever seen purple sand??!! It was the trippiest damn thing. 

The food at Big Sur Bakery is beyond beyond. So good. No adequate words. 

Already planning the next escape up that magical coast.....